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Leung Jan 22 Essential Set  
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International and Local Seminar Series

Upcoming Event: University of Technology, Sydney

Kulo Wing Chun 22 Sansau Workshop
The complete 22 movements set and advance Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma (Wing Chun Stance) training 17-Nov-2012

If you are a seasoned Wing Chun practitioner you will appreciate seeing your art from a different angle, as we are all one big family. We are same, yet different. If you are new to Wing Chun, you can experience the most important Wing Chun fighting principles and the Kulo 22 methods in just 3 hours. It is going to be a great workshop for everyone.

Date: 17/11/2012 Saturday
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Location: University of Technology, Sydney.
Cost: Kung Fu Club member $30, non-member $50 (you can join membership on the day, to be confirmed)

All proceeds goes to the UTS KFC, which is a non-profit University club.

If anyone is interested please email Dr.John Fung on kulowingchun@gmail.com ASAP as Dr Fung need to know number attending.

As we are not going to over advertise, everyone attending will be friends and we can openly discuss everything about anything. If there are any special requests or questions please let Dr Fung know.







Dr. John K. Fung and his associates travels regularly as representatives of Master Leung Wun Zi conducting seminars on this unique style of Kulo Wing Chun. These seminars are mainly targeted at audiences with Martial Arts background, but can be tailored to individual levels and specific needs. Of course, if you already know Wing Chun, you will pick up the techniques and concepts immediately. It would be like, adding wings to a tiger.


If you would like our team to present a seminar or workshop at your school, topics may includes and not restricted to:

  • Kulo Leung Jan 22 (KL22) - the complete set of exercises/techniques.
  • Kulo partner practice - fundamental routines. Designed to develop your neuromuscular intelligence to better control and manipulation of the opponents.
  • understanding and working with the opponent's anatomical structure to better control the opponent. Including the specific targets 落點 which are anatomical "blind spots" that the opponent cannot resist.
  • trapping the opponent and striking through the "blind side" where the opponent cannot fight back.
  • how to trap the opponent's legs using your own foorwork and structure.
  • how to increase the power of your strikes, and how to trick the opponents so they cannot resist your strikes.

Certifications available. For details on arranging your Kulo Wing Chun seminar/workshop at your club or school, please email Dr. John and his associates at kulowingchun@gmail.com