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Leung Jan 22 Essential Set  
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Since this is the first time the Leung Jan 22 system of Kulo Wing Chun is being introduced outside China, there is very little good quality information on it written in any lauguages. We are in the process of creating material in English to help you understand more of this unique style and get the most out of your training.

If you are able to read Chinese, just copy and paste "梁煥枝" and do a google search and you will find articles written by Grandmaster Leung Wun Zi on Leung Jan's 22.

Please be patient, and come back often as we will be building up our resource list soon.

  • Kulo 22 Sansau (KL22) Movement List - to download the list in .pdf, click here
  • Leung Wun Zi's Lineage - simplifed chart of our lineage. Jpeg format. Click here
  • Some Kulo Wing Chun principles - this was an email Dr. John wrote to a friend on the internet. This describes very briefly some of the tactics used in Kulo. It may give you a hint of the Kulo flavor. Click here for the .pdf file.