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Leung Jan 22 Essential Set  
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Kulo Wing Chun Leung Jan 22 Characteristics

During the Qing dynasty, Dr. Leung Jan broke tradition and started teaching Kulo Wing Chun as a free style, while the rest of China were still transmitting Martial Arts through restricted and inflexible sequences and forms. The result is a Kung Fu system based on principles of physics, anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics; while preserving the deepest philosophies of Kung Fu and the culture of honor, respect and humanity. His unique approach had made him undefeated into his old age. Today, Wing Chun is still considered to be one of the most effective street fighting style.

Kulo Wing Chun has the following unique characteristics:

  • there are no fixed forms - the style is based on 22 unique exercises Kulo 22 Sansau 古勞詠春二十二式散手. These exercises or "movements" are for the purpose of helping the body to develop strength, agility, speed and whole body coordination. Once the movements natural, the practitioner is free to re-arrange and recombine them base on personal preference, needs and understanding.
  • partner practice 對拆 - while the wooden dummy is an important part of Wing Chun, our opponents are not dummies so getting use to handling a living and reacting opponent is of utmost importance. There are 19 partner training exercises to help you understand the opponent's anatomy and bio-mechanics and to cultivate the correct habits. Again, once the movements becomes natural, the practitioner would be encouraged to recombine and reconfigure the movements and move onto free style practice.
  • systemetic approach to methods 口訣 to effectively understand the opponent's anatomy, on how to disrupt the opponent's momentum, dissolving his attacks and maximizing your own power.

The result is a completely practical and effective fighting system that anyone can learn and use. When practiced properly it gives the practitioner the unique ability to overcome stronger and faster opponents.