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Leung Jan 22 Essential Set  
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We respect all Martial Artists who pour their heart and soul into helping others achieve their goals. We believe every martial art has its role in the world.

We strive to bring you the best Kung Fu Styles without reservation.

Dr. John K. Fung, GuangzhouDr. John K. Fung is a qualified dental surgeon and certified acupuncturist in Sydney Australia. Dr. John started training in martial arts since a young age, and became heavily involved since 1987. Since then, Dr. John had travelled back to China and Hong Kong on numerous occasions, looking for and training with many of the best Kung Fu masters. Dr. John has the fortune of being accepted as the indoor disciple of Grandmaster Wei Shuren of Yang Jian Hou Style Tai Chi Quan, Beijing; and indoor disciple of Master Leung Wun Zi of Kulo (Leung Jan 22) Wing Chun, Guangzhou. Dr. John is also well trained in Fut Shan (Yip Man lineage) Wing Chun, Bagua, Japanese Sword and Jujitsu.

Dr. John and his associates are always looking for effective and unique styles of Kung Fu, and try to bring them to the public. If you believe you have something unique that the world could benefit from, let us know. May be your knowledge is what the world is waiting for.

We are located in Sydney Australia, with network in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia. To contact us, just drop us a line at kulowingchun@gmail.com