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Leung Jan 22 Essential Set  
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The Complete Fighting System of
Leung Jan 22 Essential Movement Set

The ONLY authorized International Representative of
Respected Master Leung Wun Zi Kulo Wing Chun

According to legends, Wing Chun Kung Fu was developed by a woman in the 1800's. Over the past 200 years, many different lines of Wing Chun evolved through different Masters and environment. The most popular form was Fut Shan Style Wing Chun, passed down from Dr. Leung Jan (1926-1901) in the city of Fut Shan. It was made famous by the late Bruce Lee and his teacher, Grandmaster Yip Man.

Kulo Style Wing Chun took a different path after Dr. Leung's retirement in Kulo village in He Shan Guangzhou. There, he further developed the style and created different variations. The 22 Essential Movement (Sansau) Set was taught to his sons and a selected few close disciples. This Kulo system style further evolved through the toughest part of Southern China, where being able to defend oneself is a matter of life and death.

Since Dr. Leung Jaan's time, the Kulo 22 set was kept very private and was practiced only by a handful of fighters. Well respected Master Leung Wun Zi 梁煥枝恩師, ex-Chinese Army, was chosen by his teacher to carry on this line. Master Leung had dedicated the past 30 years of his life researching and studying this Kulo system. For the first time in history, this style of Kulo Wing Chun is revealed to the public.

Dr. John K. Fung is taking Grandmaster Leung's Kulo Wing Chun out of China and introducing it to the rest of the world for the first time. Dr. John and his associates are the ONLY representatives of Master Leung outside China.